Blue-E, Australia Feature Profile

The Blue-E line of cattle are a composite line founded in 1997 based initially on 50% Angus x 50% Shorthorn by the Wright family of “Coota Park”, Woodstock, NSW, Australia. The line has recently incorporated new composite genetics including predominately Simmental based composites. The Blue-E concept was initially conceived by Jon after a number of years work as Cattle Manager at the Trangie Research Centre in NSW Australia. The research looked into the value of feed conversion to the beef industry. After seeing first-hand the enormous value in selecting for feed conversion, Jon returned to his family property Coota Park and initiated the Blue-E cattle and started testing for feed efficiency on the farm in 1997.

Blue-E has been a GrowSafe customer since 2016 using the Beef Genetics Program. Cattle at Coota Park Blue-E are actively selected for their Net Feed Efficiency and all bulls sold have been tested for this trait.

Watch the Blue-E story here:

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