Vytelle is a Wheatsheaf Group company, transforming the livestock industry with the most advanced, cutting-edge reproductive technology in the field.

We believe the time to fast forward genetics is now. Our company name (pronounced vy-tell-ee) combines the powerful word, VITAL, which means literally, “essential to reproductive success,” with ELLE, the Greek word meaning “sunray.” Symbolically, the two words come together to create a unique, visionary brand committed to vitality, connectivity and positivity.

  • Vitality: We’re redefining the reproduction process with superior technology that’s more sustainable, easier on animals and readily available for all producers to make generations of genetic gains in a matter of years.

  • Connectivity: Vytelle provides a symbiotic connection between highly trained veterinarians and reproductive specialists, resulting in solutions that benefit producers by advancing herd genetics faster.

  • Positivity: Vytelle has an ambitious global vision to continue to evolve its business with a long-term view. We want to impact the world by helping producers deliver more protein with fewer inputs.


Wheatsheaf Group directly operates, invests in and helps to develop businesses in the food and agriculture sectors. Working in partnership with its portfolio companies, through the activities of over 2,500 people in 34 countries and the development of innovative technologies, it aims to contribute enduring solutions to improve efficiency in the production of healthy and nutritious food to meet the food supply needs borne out of the increasing demands of a changing global population. Wheatsheaf is one of three constituent parts of the Grosvenor Estate which represents all the business activities of the Grosvenor family.

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When I discovered Vytelle I met with their directors and I was immediately on board with their mission. They have provided my staff with unmatched support and training. The production system has proven to produce more embryos and higher pregnancy rates than any other production system I have ever seen in our industry. I look forward to many years as a Vytelle licensee.

Todd Stroud,
HoofStock Genetics