Vytelle’s Integrated Livestock
Technology Platform

One platform, a straightforward process to ensure that your business and your herd are always progressing

Discover how the Vytelle Platform helps you accelerate genetic progress

The Vytelle technology platform integrates individual animal data collection, data analysis for decision support and hormone-free in vitro fertilization (IVF) components into a system designed to accelerate genetic progress, accomplishing generations of genetic gains in just a few years.

Capture the Data that Matters Most

  • Collect individual animal feed intake, growth & behavior data
  • Monitor and validate performance

Turn Data Into Knowledge

  • Identify elite performing animals
  • Increase the genetic advancement of each generation
  • Optimally market cattle

Accelerate Genetic Progress

  • Multiply elite genetics with hormone-free in vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Shorten generation intervals
  • Improve reproductive efficiency


A 3-part process for genetic progress

  1. Individual animal data is collected and automatically communicated for processing.
  2. Artificial Intelligence-based analytics transform phenotypic, genomic and other data into easy-to-read dashboards and reports, supporting breeding/marketing decisions.
  3. Hormone-free oocyte collection and fertilization using semen from sires of your choice, with fresh or frozen embryo delivery.

Our proprietary individual animal data capture system collects feed intake and in-pen weight measurements to identify elite-performing animals to help you make more-informed marketing and genetic selection choices.

Our decision-support tools are backed by the industry’s first artificial intelligence-driven analytics engine capable of transforming data into straightforward genetic selection and management decisions.

Our high-performance reproductive technology multiplies genetics from elite-performing animals through the most modern in vitro fertilization (IVF) technique available.


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