Beef Genetics Program

Genetic Selection for Feed Efficiency

Identify your elite performers

Producing more beef with less feed will pay dividends to your bottom line. Our program arms you with individual animal data, and the analytic tools and support you’ll need to enable selection for feed efficiency, arguably the single most valuable trait in beef production.

Animal intakes and body weights are recorded utilizing our Feed Intake Nodes and In-Pen Weighing Positions, in a stress-free environment that reduces labor costs and methane emissions* while increasing sustainability.


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The Beef Genetics Program enables you to:


Individual animal feed intake and weight


Animal behavior and growth


Feed efficiency of progeny for mating decisions


Genetics associated with top performance

Beef Genetics Program data capture

Our low contact system collects key performance data with no stress on the animal. These data points are automatically communicated for processing and integration with other information.

In-Pen Weighing Position

Measure individual animal body weight and growth continuously, allowing for enhanced average daily gain (ADG) calculation. A 10% improvement in ADG can lead to an 18% improvement in profit.**

Feed Intake

Feed Intake Node

Measure individual feed intake and feeding behavior. Combined with highly accurate ADG information, this allows for calculation of feed efficiency. A 10% improvement in feed efficiency can lead to 43% improvement in profit.***

With our Beef Genetics Program you can:

To win in the highly competitive cattle breeding business, it’s all about genetic improvement with each generation. Vytelle gives you a better handle on the genetics that drive success to ensure that you and your herd are always progressing.

Maximize Profits

Breed efficient cattle to reduce feed costs and methane emissions* while improving the bottom line for you and your customers.

Breed confidently

Optimize and manage breeding decisions with EPDs by identifying efficient, low RFI cattle.

Select for efficiency

Improve herd feed efficiency by up to 12% by selecting low residual feed intake (RFI) cattle.*

Access Efficiency Data

Join 160 producers worldwide who contribute to and benefit from the world’s largest multi-breed efficiency database.

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** Lamb, G.C. and Maddock, T. (2009), “Feed Efficiency in Cows”, Beef Cattle Short Course, North Florida Research and Education Center, FL.

*** Fox et al. (2001), “Determining feed intake and feed efficiency of individual cattle fed in groups”, p.80-98, Beef Improvement Federation Meet Proc, San Antonio, TX.

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