YAGI Installation Guide

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Introduction – How It Works

Choosing Data Hub Location

YAGI Antenna Line of Sight

Installing YAGI Antenna & Antenna Mount

Routing Coaxial Cable 

Confirming Data Hub to DAQ Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)


 The Vytelle SENSE™ Feed Intake and In Pen Weight systems collect and process the Weight and RFID tag information and then transmits the data back to the system computer via the data hub. The YAGI Antenna will collect the processed weight and tag Data from the DAQ panels in the pens. This data is sent to the Data hub via the coaxial cable run between the YAGI antenna and the Data Hub.



The success of wireless communication between the DAQ panels and the Data hub depend on the environment in which communication occurs. To effectively carry out data transmission between the equipment in the pens and the Data hub, there should be an effort to minimise the number of and type of obstacles in between the YAGI antenna and the DAQ panels in the pens. Common obstacles that you may encounter are buildings, trees, and topographical feature such as hills, silage pits, etc.  This clear visual line from the YAGI antenna and the DAQ panels is called the “Line Of Sight”. 


Refers to the line of clear & unobstructed sight between two points. This is the best condition for the communication between the Data Hub and the DAQ panels.

The degree of interference in communication increases as the obstruction approaches the closest area from the visual field. In this scenario, there is a physical barrier that partially blocks the edge of the line of sight. The maximum distance between the DAQ panels and Data hub will be affected by these obstructions. Be aware of growing trees or other obstructions that could obscure the clear line of sight over time.

In this scenario, the field of view between the DAQ panels and the Data hub does not exist. The Vytelle SENSE equipment will NOT be able to collect data in this scenario. The data hub and system computer will have to be relocated to a location that had a clear line of sight to the equipment. 



The Coaxial cable that connects the YAGI and the Data Hub can not have a cable run longer than 12.25 meters or 50 feet.  YAGI Antenna should be installed on the outside of the building housing the Data Hub and system computer. The antenna should be installed on the side of the building facing the equipment in such a way that the antenna has a clear line of sight to the DAQ panels in the pens. The antenna can be installed on a wall, roof peak, or edge, using the supplied antenna mount.


The YAGI antenna mount must be installed to that the mast is vertical as shown in the above photo. The YAGI antenna must be installed on the mast of the antenna mount so as the main shaft of the antenna is pointing directly at the DAQ panels in the pens and the tines of the antenna are positioned VERTICALLY.



Once everything is installed and you have connected the Data hub to the coaxial cable, plug the USB cable into your system computer. Power on the computer and verify there is a working internet connection available. Be sure that the DAQ panels in the pens are powered on and contact your Vytelle SENSE technical services or field services representative to remotely log in and verify the RSSI is at an acceptable level. 

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