In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Services for Beef and Dairy

Maximize your herd’s genetics and boost profitability

Tighten the calving window, get more pregnancies and speed up genetic progress

Our high-performance reproductive technology multiplies genetics from elite-performing animals through the most modern IVF technique available for both beef and dairy producers.

Without using follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), oocytes are collected from heifers as young as six months, and from cows up to 100 days pregnant or as soon as 15 days after calving. That means a cow can have several offspring from multiple sires in the same amount of time one calf is produced through natural or A.I. breeding.


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IVF Program 1 - Lab

IVF made simple

Skilled Vytelle technicians perform oocyte collection on your donors without the use of FSH. The eggs are carefully fertilized in our labs using semen from the sires of your choice. Embryos are then returned fresh or frozen to meet your needs. It’s that simple.

We make IVF accessible and practical for beef and dairy seedstock producers. You’ll get the best of everything: improved reproductive performance, better genetics, and a labor-saving process that’s easier on animals.

Benefits of our IVF services:

Ovum pick-up (OPU)/ oocyte collection with no FSH is easier on animals

OPU performed on heifers or donors, up to 100 days pregnant

Fertilize with your chosen bull(s), with conventional, presorted or reverse sorted semen

Transfer fresh embryos to recipients immediately, or freeze for future implantation

Pay only for the Grade 1 embryos produced, with no hidden fees

IVF Program 2 - Pasture
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