Feed Efficient Angus Bulls | Lucky 7 Angus

Located in western Wyoming, Lucky 7 Angus focuses on high-performing, feed-efficient, Angus bulls as their primary offering to seedstock customers. Jim Jenson is the fourth-generation running Lucky 7 and pioneered Angus cattle on their family ranch.

One of the greatest impacts Lucky 7 has made on their operation is testing their cattle for feed efficiency with GrowSafe Systems®. After years of selection they see that the progeny of feed efficient animals are gaining on 30 percent less forage than prior to genetically selecting for efficient animals. “If your feed costs is 68 percent of every cost that is on your ranch, that’s the biggest savings you can have.” said Jim Jensen.

Lucky 7 has been utilizing GrowSafe for 10 years to select for superior genetics with feed efficient traits. Jim said, “We can locate the efficient animals and propagate them whereas before we were just eliminating the weak animals or inefficient animals.” Customers of Lucky 7 have noticed an improvement in the genetics of the cattle in regards to intake and gain.

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