Bluestem Embryo Transfer Center

Bluestem Embryo Transfer Center 735 900 Ave., Carlton

Satellite Manager- Dr. Casey Barton Email Casey to schedule your donors.


CB Genetics – Clarksville

CB Genetics - Clarksville, TN 161 E Hawkins Lane, Clarksville

Satellite Manager- Charlie Adkins Email Charlie to schedule your donors.

University of Florida – Marianna

University FL- Marianna 4932 Hwy 162, Marianna

Powered by Vytelle OPU hosted at North Florida Research and Education Center-Beef Unit. Contact: Shelby Wells 785-840-6752 Email Shelby to schedule your donors.


Retso Holsteins

Retso Holsteins 759 Schodack Landing Rd, Schodack Landing

Satellite Manager- Brian Oster Email Brian to schedule your donors.

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