Evaluating Post Weaning Performance

Georgette Pyoos, animal scientist at the Agricultural Research Institute (ARC) is using GrowSafe technology to study the performance and behavior of cattle as a result of the changes in climate.

The GrowSafe Systems® Feed Intake and GrowSafe Beef® technology is being used to monitor feed intake on an individual basis and track the body weight of those cattle. As a GrowSafe research partner, ARC benefits from the Behavior Analytics Package which includes animal feeding behaviors such as individual animal meal events and feeding order behavior. In addition, ARC analyzes Residual feed Intake (RFI) reports provided by GrowSafe for this study.

“This system means we can record more accurate measurements of feed intakes, growth, average daily gain, and RFI. It will allow us to statistically quantify how well, or how badly, different cattle genotypes perform under extreme climatic conditions, given their different feed behaviors. I hope this can lead to climate-smart beef production,” said Pyoos.

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