Beef Marketing Program

Individual animal data to inform daily decision making

Get the data you need for improved feedlot profitability

Growth and weight are the most important factors in animal selection, production and performance. Our In-Pen Weighing Positions measure individual animal body weight and growth in a stress-free natural way that reduces labor costs, increases profitability and gives you the precise information you need to ensure your herd is always progressing.

Combined with analytic tools and support, you can access nutritional decisions and predict harvest weight to optimally market cattle.


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The Beef Marketing Program helps you:

Measure cattle progress

Know individual weight and average daily gain at any time

Reduce cattle handling

Optimize labor-intensive tasks like in-pen identification and trips through the chute

Optimize marketing

Accurately forecast harvest weights for more uniform loads of cattle

In-Pen Weighing Position

Measure individual animal body weight and growth multiple times a day. Stress-free, in-pen weighing data to optimize production, marketing and profitability. A 10% improvement in average daily gain can lead to an 18% improvement in profit.*

Achieve your goals through better:

We understand the daily decisions feedlot producers face. That’s why more feedlot producers turn to Vytelle to meet their goals in the increasingly competitive and challenging beef market.

Identification of poor performers

Flag poor performers early to reduce variation

Animal well-being

Detect and flag changes in individual animal behavior

Nutritional insights

Optimize and access ration decisions based on animal performance

Inventory management

Digital tracking of individual animals by pen

*Lamb, G.C. and Maddock, T. (2009), “Feed Efficiency in Cows”, Beef Cattle Short Course, North Florida Research and Education Center, FL.

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