Vytelle’s Midwest Lab Marks One Year Anniversary in Iowa

Vytelle’s Midwest Lab Marks One Year Anniversary in Iowa


KANSAS CITY, Missouri, September 17, 2020 – Vytelle celebrates one year in Ames, Iowa achieving outstanding results for its customers in this first year.

Vytelle veterinarians performed more than 2,000 ovum pick up (OPU) events at satellite partner sites throughout the Midwest in the last year, using an exclusive hormone free process. The oocytes collected at the OPUs were sent to Vytelle’s state of the art Ames lab, where they were cleaned, sorted and fertilized.

“In one year, our dedicated team of reproductive specialists in Ames opened the lab and immediately exceeded expectations, surpassing the number of oocytes collected and producing several thousands of embryos. We all share the same passion to help our clients fast forward their genetics,” said Sara Garcia, laboratory manager for Vytelle.

Vytelle offers a revolutionary in vitro fertilization (IVF) process that helps dairy and beef producers get more calves from their elite donor cows and heifers, speeding genetic progress in their herds. Working with Vytelle, producers can opt to make embryos with conventional, presorted, and reverse-sorted semen, which allows them to access gender-specific IVF embryos.

“We started our journey to increase productivity and expand our services for dairy and beef producers in the Midwest last year. Today, we’ve more than tripled the number of satellites located across the United States and will continue to add locations to better serve cattle producers across the country,” said Bruno Sanches Vytelle Vice-President of Operations.

The lab is located at 1421 S. Bell Ave, Suite #108A, Ames, Iowa, 50010. Visit Vytelle.com to learn more about Vytelle IVF services for livestock producers.




About Vytelle IVF

Vytelle IVF provides revolutionary reproductive technology to beef and dairy producers throughout North and South America, with expansions underway in the United Kingdom, Australia, and China. Vytelle is committed to advancing genetics, life and business for commercial beef and dairy producers around the world.

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