Vytelle Welcomes Knock as National Sales Manager

Vytelle Welcomes Knock as National Sales Manager

Hermiston, Oregon (January 24, 2019)—Vytelle announced today Jared Knock has joined the team as national sales manager. In this role he will work alongside veterinarians, reproductive specialists and producers to grow Vytelle’s IVF business.

“We are excited for Jared to join Vytelle and bring his years of experience in the livestock genetics business,” said Bruno Sanches, chief operating officer of Vytelle. “His understanding and prior work with IVF technology will strengthen our team as we strive to bring genetic advancement to the industry.”

Knock, the owner of Dakota Vision Ag, Inc., an agricultural products provider that offers genetic and reproductive services, will also be joining Vytelle. His prior experience also includes area sales manager and director of sales and marketing for Trans Ova Genetics. Knock has helped further the evolution of IVF technology and increase its relevance to progressive dairy and beef operations globally.

Knock will be located in Willow Lake, South Dakota, and can be reached by phone at 605-881-2375 or email at [email protected].

About Vytelle

Vytelle, based in Hermiston, Oregon, provides revolutionary reproductive technology to commercial producers through reproductive specialists and veterinarian licensees. Vytelle is committed to advancing genetics, life and business for commercial beef and dairy producers across the United States.

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