OPU- Michie, Tennessee

CB Genetics - Michie, TN 833 N Prather Rd, Michie

OPU Manager: Charlie Adkins


OPU-Barneveld, Wisconsin

Gaffney Family Cattle 4888 County Road HH, Barneveld

OPU Manager: Val Gaffney (608) 574-6125


OPU-Carlton, Kansas

Bluestem Embryo Transfer Center 735 900 Ave., Carlton

OPU Manager: Dr. Casey Barten Office number: 785-949-2007    Email betc.2007@tctelco.net Registration due the Friday prior to the OPU event.


OPU-Ranger, Texas

Hoofstock Genetics 4584 FM Rd 570, Ranger

Powered by Vytelle OPU hosted at Hoofstock Genetics

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