OPU – Winthrop, Iowa

Winthrop, Iowa Winthrop

OPU EventWinthrop Vet Clinic OPU Manager: Shannon Eldridge (641) 485-0430

OPU- Hermiston, Oregon

GT Land and Cattle 35787 E Walls Road, Hermiston

Powered by Vytelle OPU hosted at GT Land and Cattle RSVP for more information or to sign up donors.


OPU-Waynesville, Ohio

Greenhorn Cattle Co. 3450 Middle Run Rd., Waynesville

OPU Manager: Josh Greenhorn


OPU-Lodgepole, Nebraska

Frank Genetics 15175 US-30, Lodgepole

OPU Manager-Dustin Frank


OPU-Carlton, Kansas

Bluestem Embryo Transfer Center 735 900 Ave., Carlton

OPU Manager: Dr. Casey Barten