Vytelle Unveils Top 150 Proven Bulls of 2024 

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Vytelle, a precision livestock company and pioneer in bovine reproduction and precision breeding technology, proudly presents the highly anticipated release of the Top 150 Proven Bulls for 2024.  This year marks the 5th annual edition of the public release. In collaboration with 38 performance focused breeders who are part of the Vytelle network, the company curates the world’s largest multibreed efficiency database.  Each year, this Top 150 Proven Bulls list showcases the cream of the crop among more than 324,763 animals spanning 29 diverse breeds.  

“At Vytelle, we are committed to empowering cattle producers with the tools and data they need to drive sustainable genetic progress,” remarked Kerryann Kocher, Chief Executive Officer of Vytelle. “The continued development and expansion of the Vytelle network and release of the Top 150 Proven Bulls for the fifth year in a row, represents our dedication to precision and data-driven decision-making, providing insight for cattle producers worldwide to optimize their mating selections with confidence.” 

The bulls featured in the Top 150 Proven Bulls list meet stringent criteria, including: 

  • A minimum three-generation pedigree 
  • RFI EPD accuracy of 0.6 or higher 
  • Testing and reporting via Vytelle’s innovative Vytelle SENSETM system 

Leveraging the world’s largest multi-breed database, Vytelle continues to revolutionize the industry by furnishing producers with invaluable insights into feed efficiency and performance, crucial for maximizing long term profitability. 

Lisa Rumsfeld, Vice President of Business Development & Strategy at Vytelle, remarked, “The significance of selecting for feed efficiency cannot be overstated, particularly as feed costs account for a substantial portion of a beef producer’s expenses. Our network partners are witnessing heightened interest in their programs, underscored by the potential for marketing premiums associated with verified feed efficiency and methane emissions reduction claims.” 

The Vytelle SENSE system, a cornerstone of Vytelle’s technology suite, captures phenotypic data with unparalleled precision. By simultaneously measuring individual animal feed intake and weight, this innovative system provides real-time insights crucial for informed decision-making. With feed intake measured to a remarkable 10-gram resolution and in-pen weighing positions enabling individual weight measurements every second while animals drink, Vytelle empowers producers with unprecedented levels of accurate phenotypic data that inform the Vytelle breeding evaluation. 

To access the complete listing of the Top 150 Proven Bulls for 2024, please visit here.

For media inquiries, please contact: 

Vanessa Wiebe  

Vytelle Global Marketing & Communications Manager   

[email protected]  


About Vytelle: 

Vytelle is a global leader in bovine genetics and precision breeding solutions, dedicated to driving genetic progress and profitability for cattle producers worldwide. With cutting-edge technology and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Vytelle empowers producers to make informed decisions and unlock the full potential of their herds. For more information, visit www.vytelle.com. 

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